A work of art – why go to all that trouble?
This is a question that we’re asked frequently. The answer is based in experience. All those recordings, solder points, performances, proposals, and measurements add up, and every day we learn more about all of the aspects of sound production and reproduction.
For example, the loops in the wire harness in this photo allow the components to be removed from the front while it is in service! That is helpful in testing and maintenance. DOUG BROWN
In some ways, we make our living with our ears. In the end, satisfying the sound aspirations of our clients is the driving force of our business. Many times our clients know exactly what their sound criteria are – other times we help shape the expectations – either way, our goal is quintessentially wonderful sound. 
Getting there requires premier products and many skills and services. Putting it together... that is done “in the mix!” Credits: Photos on our site are largely our own, with additional images provided by Genelec Oy, Apple, and Digidesign