We’ve been busy
The Fleming Center – Oklahoma Methodist Manor
No matter how many times we see this result, it never fails to amaze us. This wonderful, multipurpose room is easy to clean and provides wonderful maneuverability on that smooth tile floor... but
Grace Episcopal Church, Muskogee, OK
It is challenging to be the sound contractor that replaces “the perfect sound system.” When Father Kirk Woodliff shared their past experiences, it was clear that they had been subject to some pretty
Booker T. Washington High School Auditorium
The word auditorium says it all for us. A place to hear!
Sure, a place for meetings – a place to experience drama – but essentially, a place to hear... and hear well.
Washington High School was
Memorial High School Gymnasium
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Good sound in a gymnasium?
This daunting task is a regular challenge for Quintessence. Energy, excitement, and NOISE are the ingredients; and concrete block walls, hard wood floors, and steel
Fourteen Middle School Auditorium Projects
Tulsa Public Schools
2004 - 2005
In 2001, Tulsa voters approved a bond project that enabled fourteen Middle School properties to get a major upgrade in facilities. Our part in the project was to design and specify the systems for
...bringing quintessentially great sonic results to a wide range of clients with carefully crafted, custom solutions. 
Here are a few of the projects that we’ve had the honor to complete. Studio Plan:
FamilyLife Today
Little Rock, AR • Studio Design and Implementation 
• Sound Design and Implementation for worship spaces • Sound Design and Acoustic Planning